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Do you need help planning a computer evidence investigation, managing electronic document discovery/disclosure in litigation, corporate and regulatory investigations, or undertaking a cybersecurity investigation?

Where do you start? What critical sequences of steps and responses must be built into your digital strategy? How do you prepare or challenge an expert report? How do you deal with the volume of digital documents in a Statutory or regulatory investigation?

Are you prepared for your pre-trial and cost management conference? Are you ready to challenge that expert report during cross examination. You often, need an experienced partner to navigate the intersection of law and technology. Contact us to discuss your requirements

Our Advantage

We are a specialist legal technology firm with dual- qualified lawyers in legal practice, computer and cyber security technologies.

What you don’t know can hurt you in law and business practice. The use of computer evidence and electronic documents in litigation, arbitration, corporate and regulatory investigation, require a partner with the necessary know-how and combined legal /technology resources.

Whether you win or lose your case in court, arbitration or efficiently resolve complex puzzles in a compliance /regulatory investigation may depend largely on your electronic document management and digital evidence strategy. Accordingly, we scope, design and implement legal and technical strategies for litigation, cyber investigation, arbitration, corporate and regulatory matters.


Partnering with your team, we provide legal and technology leverage from pretrial hearings, discovery and disclosure to court room advocacy. In addition, we can help your team work smarter and more effectively by providing a wide range of professional and consultative services, including:

• Computer evidence and cyber security breach investigations
• Corporate fraud and Regulatory investigations
• electronic document discovery, disclosure, review and production
• Remote data collection & Triage Services
• Using AI for complex data review and analytics
• Fully managed litigation/eDiscovery support
• Mobile Phones, Tablet and Drone investigations
• Network Breach and Malware Analysis
• Social media data collection & Investigation
• IT and software contracts
• Technical evidence and expert report rebuttal