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RentSecurity, Compliance and Regulations
For a Bank or any financial institution for that matter, the security of computer data is key to the effective day to day running of its business activity. For the financial sector, data is king.
It therefore becomes imperative to ensure, that computer data within the organisational confines of a financial institution is proactively secured, processed and managed.
What is required, is not just internal protocols but, more importantly, independent, audited FinancialInstitutionsand proactive measures implemented by a professional incident responsive team with the capacity to also implement reactive measures in the case of a computer incident that breaches the security of computer data. We are suitable positioned to assist your internal security and compliance teams.

In addition to our varied computer and ediscovery services, we provide to our financial sector clients, Remote Network security services, that manages most internal data breach and intrusion that are not detected by the customary firewalls, anti virus and IDS devices. Contact us today for a proof of concept or request a demo of our client premises equipment.


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