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You have a criminal or civil matter that involves the use of a computer or mobile phone device ; you are faced with a mountain of digital documents to wade through to meet your ediscovery disclosure obligations or you have being served with a damaging forensic expert report that requires independent rebuttal.


Where do you start? How do you proceed?, Who do you call to assist ? How do you integrate digital evidence into your case strategy? How do you challenge and rebut adverse digital evidence?

At iTevidence, we have combined expertise in  computer forensic evidence and litigation. Our experts are dual qualified as practicing lawyers and certified forensic experts. We bring to bear on your case, our combined expertise in computer evidence, ediscovery and case management; in civil and criminal matters.

Whilst other companies will only serve you technical reports, we go further. We re examine the adversaries computer evidence in our own laboratory, challenge and rebut questionable findings and assist with advocates cross examination of expert witnesses.

Our forensic lawyer will be at your side during case theory formulation and analysis, early case assessment and ediscovery project planning and implementation. Take advantage of our combined law and technology expertise for matters involving:

  • E-Discovery project management ( Full Circle)
  • Internet trace evidence
  • Email, SMS, & Face Book Evidence
  • Twitter and Social Media evidence investigation
  • Deleted and hidden data recovery
  • Evidence of computer Hacking
  • Evidence of Data and IP theft
  • Evidence of computer misuse
  • Evidence of data falsification
  • Adverse expert report rebuttal
  • Expert witness cross examination
  • Discovery and cost management motions.

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