Benefits of our Remote Services.
Using our remote services or deploying our remote devices on your Network results in time and cost savings, more importantly, it means there will be “No Downtime” during data recovery or analysis of your computers or servers. Computers or servers need not be switched off or transported to a forensic laboratory.  All services are executed remotely. The Forensic integrity of data and utmost confidentiality is maintained at all times. See our levels of remote services below:

1.     Online Remote recovery & Analysis

desired interface.
This level of remote service is conducted promptly and is very cost effective, suitable for private individuals and small companies.  Like our other levels of remote service, you do not need to part with the subject computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Requires the download of a small file from our web site that allows us to connect to your device. That’s all you need to do. No hardware device installation is required. Perfect for remote data recovery, evidence review and analysis. For more details on this service level  click here.


2.    Remote – Site Device

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3.    Remote Network – Site Device

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