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Do you need to recover data or evidence from a computer  or Mobile Phone ?

Just like fingerprint DNA, any time we use a mobile phone or computer for business, emails, internet, face book or twitter, our activities leave a digital finger print that is traceable and recoverable as evidence.  In addition, documents deleted from a computer or mobile phone can be, generally retrieved through the use of our forensic methods.

Recovered evidence from computers can be used to resolve legal disputes in civil cases like contracts, employment , divorce etc. And in criminal cases, computer evidence can be used to prove the guilt or innocence of an individual.  The use of computer evidence may decide whether or not you win or lose your case in court.

    • E-Discovery project management ( Full Circle)
    • Email, SMS, & Face Book Evidence
    • Twitter and Social Media evidence investigation
    • Deleted and hidden data recovery
    • Evidence of computer Hacking
    • Evidence of Data and IP theft
    • Evidence of computer misuse
    • Evidence of data falsification

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