hammer2 Law Enforcement
Direct or Remote evidence Analysis

The rapid spread and complications associated with 21st century crimes is made worse by the use of computers as objects of crimes or subjects of crimes.

Law enforcement around the world are in a constant battle  to discover and recover relevant evidence to prosecute criminals who employ computer and mobile phones to commit crimes or aid the commission of serious crimes.

Here at iTevidence, we assist law enforcement and prosecution authorities to promptly assess the probative value of seized computer evidence and also assist in recovering and identifying vital clues that will aid the successful prosecution of offences. Some of the services we offer to the law enforcement community include:

1. Evidence seizure and subject raids

2. Triage Analysis

3.  Complete Evidence analysis

4.  Expert report and expert witness services

5.  Legally assisting prosecution lawyers before and during trial.

Please click here to see our list of services and associated cost.

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