Remote services

Our online service ensures your  computer remains with you whilst it is examined remotely. Business interruption is ZERO

For reasons of business continuity, personal privacy, time and cost, it is prudent to take advantage of our remote services. These include:

black-opacity-60 Remotely preview your computer or Mobile phone for evidence

black-opacity-60 Remote Data recovery

black-opacity-60 Remote evidence collection

black-opacity-60 Remote evidence analysis

black-opacity-60 Remote Data breach investigations

All of our remote services are conducted, whilst the subject computer or Mobile phone remains in your office or private home. If your computer is connected to the internet, we can remotely recover data, preview, analyse, collect and produce relevant evidence in no time. It takes only 3 simple steps:

1.  Pay for required service on our web site,
2. Book a convenient date for our consultants to have access to the subject computer or mobile phone.
3.  Finally, click here to download our  remote connection link and that’s it.
Your computer has no internet access ? use our DHL next day collection service. professionalAffiliation

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