Training Services

The problem

In law and Business, what you don’t know can hurt you. Corporate Data and electronic evidence may ultimately determine whether or not you win or lose in Court an arbitration hearing or effectively resolve matters in a corporate investigation.

However, given that more than 90% of Business documentation, internet communication and 21st century social interaction is conducted via computers and digital devices like mobile phones, It is a matter of regret that professional legal training and corporate practices, have not kept pace with the rapid advancement and reliance on the use of computer technology.

In this digital age, lawyers, business organisations, human resource departments and IT professionals cannot ignore the huge financial exposure that will result from the negligent use and management of electronic data and evidence that reside on computers and other digital devices like mobile phones, tablet PC and the internet. Legal and Business stakeholders must acquire relevant knowledge to be effective in this area.

Our Solutions

We provide consultancy and training, spanning end to end modules on all matters concerning computer data discovery and evidence disclosure; from investigation,extraction, evidence analysis to court room presentation. Our courses are structured in modules to accomodate a paced learning environment. The courses are hands on, written materials and video slides and course completion certificates are issued to delegates.

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